Seattle nonprofit organization

Led the refresh of the Agros visual brand identity, and implemented it in all marketing efforts, collateral materials, digital and printed annual reports, UI email campaigns, and fundraising media.  Also the UX design for online donations for there annual gift  catalog.


I used for my user research triangulation, methods such as personal and group interviews, questionnaires, survey in person and social media, activity analysis, personal inventories, observations, also photos and video ethnography.

Client: Agros International

Project leads: Don Manning, Kathie Delph

& Anne B.

Web Developer: Kurt Griffith



Objectives & Goals:

Developed new online, print and social media integration with end-to-end experience.

New UI for email campaigns.

Creation of videography and photography for annual campaigns.  Using UX principles.

Creation of a new mobile program prototype for donations call “Walk With The Family”.


My Role:

Creative Director

UX Designer

Visual Designer

Filmmaker and Photography


This is an example of my skills in technical communication,

storytelling, service design and field interviews.


In this project, I applied different processes to understand and capture the behaviors of the customers,

their needs and motivations, and translated it into an easily accessible video story for a targeted audience.

As result of my UX research in the field, I develop this video project:


I filming with a Nikon D800 and 35mm and 50mm lenses

I edited and color corrected in Final Cut X

I realize the production & Pre-production

Part of my UX process I create the scripts, sketches & storyboards

I did research, and interviews in tree different countries in Central America



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