Objectives & Goals:

Develop a video program and an online application for kids ages 8 to 12 years old.

Conduct research, contextual inquiry and customer validation.

Create a hi-def prototype.

Discover new ways to deliver video education content on mobile devices.

Customize applied cognitive and sports psychology for kid athletes.


My Role:

UX Designer

IxD / UI Designer

Content adaptation





Create a video-based education program, offered as an app for mobile and tablets, that builds the mental focus of young baseball players during game preparation and high pressure moments.  Based on the mental techniques and experiences of professional athletes before and during their careers, kids discover their own skills and strengths, improve performance and self awareness and reach for their dream every single day of their lives.

Client: Edgar Martinez

UX Designer & Project Manager: Roberto Morales

Edgar Martinez,

Former Mariners baseball player



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