Consumers are receiving personalized recommendations with every item they purchase online, providing a tailored list of options to them within minutes. These same consumers do not receive personal recommendations when shopping in traditional stores. Personal shopping is an option in some high-end department stores and boutiques, but not something the masses can easily find in casual clothing stores. 
 Determine how we can provide more personalized recommendations to in-store shoppers, providing a more commensurate experience to online shopping. Empower shoppers to find their own identity and style with our in-store personal fashion assistant. Goals
Process Description
Task Flow

Interactive Paper Prototype (Flinto)

Hi-Fidelity Prototype Alpha

Analysis of Results


Potential next steps:

Validate design changes by re-testing the updated prototype with previous participants

Conduct in-store usability with improved Beta prototype

Solicit feedback on business desirability from Zumiez executives

Test a working prototype in-store with Zumiez database integration

Design and implement v2 features that were scoped down for v1


P6: Final Presentation HCDE 518 D



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